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Disability Lawyer in Roanoke

Winning Disability Benefits for Diabetes Affecting Your Heart

You can get Social Security disability benefits for diabetes affecting your heart in one of two ways.  One way is to show the Social Security Administration that your diabetes meets Social Security Administration Listing 4.00 for Cardiovascular System – Adult.  The second way is to show that you have diabetes that, combined with a fairly mild case of heart disease, makes you incapable of performing any job.

Disability Lawyer in Roanoke

Meeting a Listing

Here’s a general summary of what Listing 4.00 says about heart disease. The SSA will look at your medical records for evidence that your heart muscle does not function at a level where it can pump enough oxygen-rich blood throughout your body, or that the blood vessels leading to your heart have a blockage. Your medical records will contain evidence of diagnostic testing, such as an MRI or CT scan, an ECG (electrocardiogram), or an exercise test. These tests will show evidence of your heart condition.

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Diabetes Combined With Complications From Heart Disease

If you don’t meet the listing, you can still win disability benefits if you show that your diabetes, combined with heart disease, limits your ability to perform the duties of any job.  What does this mean? Complications from even a mild form of heart disease can include shortness of breath and inability to walk long distances, as well as light-headedness or dizziness. Complications from diabetes could include vision problems or numbness or tingling in your limbs. Taken together, these symptoms could severely limit your ability to perform any job.

Talk to a Disability Lawyer

If you think your diabetes meets Listing 4.00 for the cardiovascular system, speak to a disability lawyer. He or she can help your doctor prepare a report for the SSA regarding the evidence of your condition as it applies to the Listing requirements.

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If You Don’t Meet a Listing

Even if you don’t meet Listing 4.00, you may be disabled if your diabetes keeps you from working. The SSA will look at your ability to work despite your diabetes and heart condition. This ability to work is known as your “residual functional capacity.”

Winning benefits by meeting a listing often is a matter of having the proper documentation through medical records and test results. Proving you cannot work requires you to give more specific information about how your diabetes affects your ability to work, given its effect on your heart and its interaction with any other health conditions you may have.

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