Richmond Disability Attorneys: When to Contact Us For Help

If you are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, you may be wondering if and when you should contact a Richmond disability attorney about your condition.

Many people wait to contact an attorney until the time comes to request a hearing because they aren’t sure how much help a disability attorney will be in the early stages. The truth is, while it greatly increases your chances of winning if you have a disability attorney represent you during the hearing, the benefits of having an attorney earlier are less certain.

More than one-third of applicants for Social Security disability benefits are found disabled at the initial application stage, no lawyer required. Of those who are denied and request reconsideration, about 15% are found disabled at that stage without the help of a disability attorney. So if you win at either of the first two levels, you can save the cost of attorney’s fees. However, it is hard to predict whether an attorney’s help would be beneficial at that stage.

Stage of Involvement

Some law firms do not get involved when an applicant is filing an application. There is not much a disability attorney can do at that point, and some lawyers wait until after an initial denial is handed down to take the case. Occasionally, a case will involve an obvious or unusual legal problem, and a Richmond disability attorney may consider such cases earlier.

If you contact an attorney at the reconsideration stage, they may decide to evaluate your case even though it is more difficult than evaluating a case at the hearing stage. The Social Security Act requires a claimant to be disabled for twelve months before claiming benefits, which can be difficult to tell ahead of time. An attorney might request you gather some records for him because it is difficult for him to get files from the Social Security Administration, and he might need more information to evaluate your case.

Generally, the best time to contact a Richmond disability attorney is when you receive a reconsideration denial; however, you might want to contact a disability attorney at the initial or reconsideration steps if you want them to consider getting involved in your case. For a free consultation, contact us by filling out the claim evaluation form on this website.