What to Do When Your Social Security Disability Benefits Are Delayed

When you are waiting to receive Social Security disability benefits, but they are delayed, you have several options. Our SSD attorneys can provide you with counsel as to your best approach, depending on the situation.

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Three Options when Benefits Are Delayed

These options for resolving the problem of delayed SSD benefits escalate in the level of intensity. Review all three with your lawyer before making a final decision.

Fax a letter expressing your concerns directly to the SSD payment center, usually to the Office of Central Operations in Baltimore, Maryland. Your attorney will be able to find the correct fax number for the module as assigned by your Social Security number.
Call your local SS office to talk to a supervisor. Your lawyer can also call on your behalf, and they might contact the payment center for you to speed up the process.
Call Congress.All of the Congress professionals, both Senators and Representatives, have someone specifically designated in their offices to address matters with the SSA.

Tips from the Social Security Administration

While most people understand that the government can be notoriously slow, you might wonder just how long you should wait if you have not received a response on your case. The SSA suggests that you fax them within 45 days. Next, wait 45 days and then fax the module manager, including a copy of the first fax. Next, 45 days later, fax the Division Program Manager at the same number a third time, again with copies of the previous faxes. Finally, wait another 45 days and fax the Center for Program Support with copies of all prior faxes.

Contact Our SSD Attorneys for Information

We understand that you might be overwhelmed as you attempt to navigate the maze of Social Security benefits. Our lawyers understand this and have a track record of helping others in similar situations. Call our law firm for help with your case.

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