Social Security Disability Hearing FAQ

How much time will it take to see an actual payment of benefits?

Because applying and being approved for social security benefits is a complex process, the answer varies. Once an applicant requests a hearing at a hearing office, it usually takes around 15.5 months for a decision to be issued. The wait time also heavily depends on the state.

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Once the hearing completes, approximately 2-3 months will pass before the decision is issued. The judge might also issue a bench decision at the time of the hearing. If you’re awarded the disability benefits, a month or two will pass before current benefits will be issued and paid. Once the decision has been made, anywhere from one to six months can pass before back benefits are paid. If SSI is involved, it can take longer.

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Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible for a lawyer to quicken the process. However, one of your lawyer’s responsibilities is to keep things from slowing down.

Where will I find out about my disability hearing date?

Applicants almost always hear from their lawyers first. The lawyer will hear from the judge’s assistant, and he/she will then issue you a letter. Once the lawyer’s letter comes, a Notice of Hearing will come from the judge.

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What happens if the Notice of Hearing comes before my lawyer’s letter that discloses the date?

This could indicate failure to talk to your lawyer about the hearing. If this happens, get in contact with your lawyer as soon as possible.

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