Social Security Disability Determinations And The Treating Doctor

The Social Security Administration and or the attorneys for petitioners normally ask treating physicians to offer data and views about their patient’s injuries. The SSA needs a detailed picture of the medical impairments a person deals with. The doctor who treats the claimant is able to provide prospective to medical evidence that wouldn’t be necessarily objective from the current treating physician.

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What is the SSA looking for from the treating physician?

Basically, the SSA wants to know the severity of the damages. They also want to know the impairments that exist and what their observations are for the future. They want to know how well the patient is going to be able to function and the long term affects they have with their condition.

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The SSA wants to know if a person’s disability will hinder them from performing their daily activities and their ability to work a job. Using the professional help of a medical professional, the SSA will make conclusions about the severity of the impairments and their ability to work verses being compensated. When it comes to dealing with the SSA and all the red tape, it is essential to have a legal representative standing by your side.

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