How A Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help You Get The Assistance You Need

Properly Estimating Your Limitations And Abilities

Upon the claim of a social security disability, the judge in court will often ask of the claimant on how far they can walk, how much they are able to lift, the length of time they are able to stand comfortably, how long they are able to sit without feeling any pain, and anything else that may be out of the ordinary. The claimant should always give the judge genuine estimates in answering their questions. Therefore, it is imperative for the claimant to have an awareness of what to expect prior to walking into their hearing.

Disability Attorney in Roanoke
Take for instance, if a friend asks the individual how far they are able to walk, the claimant may start thinking about where they walked to and from recently, and how their disability affected them during that time. They will probably think about whether they had to stop at any given point to alleviate the pain. The friend the asked the question will likely receive an answer in regards to that moment. Therefore, the answer should be given in the same way to the judge, especially if it is an ongoing occurrence. 

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The claimant should know that a social security disability hearing is not regarded as being the same thing as a court hearing. If one is familiar with court hearings, whether it be from personal experience or watching a television show, then they probably know that there is quite a bit of an argumentative approach in the trial. That is not how a social security disability hearing is like at all. In fact, the hearing is in place to help the individual, instead of taking something from them.

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If you, a family member, or friend is constantly in pain due to an injury that may have been caused in a work-related scenario, then it will be in your or their greatest interests to contact a SSD attorney as soon as possible. 

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