Social Security Disability Appeals Process

Each year many taxpayers file for Social Security Disability, and, unfortunately, many of those individual have their claims denied.

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There are four levels of determination when filing for Social Security Disability:
1) Initial Determination
2) Reconsideration of Determination
3) Administrative Hearing before a Judge
4) Review by the Social Security Disability Appeals Council
5) If the case is still unresolved to the claimant’s satisfaction the case may be taken to federal court.

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The time limit for Social Security disability appeals is 65 days from the date of decision, with the exception of having only 30 days to appeal a ruling of the Administrative Judge to the Appeals Council. The Social Security Administration treats all appeals as being filed on the day the administration receives notice. However, the date the notice is mailed, as indicated by postmark, is used if it would result in a loss of rights.

The Social Security Administration is perhaps the most complicated bureaucracy in the U.S., and difficult to navigate without the help of a qualified and experienced attorney. It will be well worth the investment of time and money to seek out competent legal help if you are considering filing for Social Security Disability.

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