Questions Likely At A Social Security Disability Hearing

A Social Security Disability Hearing occurs to determine one’s eligibility for benefits. During a scheduled Social Security Disability hearing, these questions are likely to be asked either by one’s representing attorney, or the Administrative Law Judge assigned to oversee the hearing.

Roanoke Disability Attorney
Name, address, and social security number?
Date of birth, and age when disability was realized?
Place of birth?
Language spoken when growing up?
Education Literacy
Highest level of education completed?
If high school was not completed, did you complete a G.E.D. program?
When did you arrive in the United States?
What language or languages can you read?
Can you read and write simple instructions independently?
Can you read the mail that comes to your address?
Is assistance required with completing SSA forms?
Did you serve in the armed services?
Did you need or receive special education services?

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Have you received job training for specific skills?
Have you received on the job training for skills?
Do you currently have a driver license?
Do you require public or private transportation?

One should contact their attorney who will be representing them before the scheduled hearing. The attorney can informatively discuss the format and setting of the proceedings with their client.

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