Questions for Disability

At The Hearing

This is a hearing that is informal. Your attorney will be present as well as a representative from the SSA. The SSA claims not to have a side when hearing a disability case. The goal of the hearing is to listen to facts that are presented by you and your lawyer. It is to determine if you meet the requirements necessary to receive disability.

Disability Attorney  in Roanoke
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Before the hearing, your lawyer will get all of the medical records and statements from your doctor as these will help in proving you are disabled and unable to work. Documents will be gathered after the hearing if they are needed. Your case is presented in the best light, and your lawyer will only present the facts of the case instead of arguing with the representative. If the judge sees an issue with anything heard in court, your attorney will be able to present more details that will benefit your case.

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If you don’t want to appear in person, you can join the hearing by video conference. There are some deadlines that courts are using in order to get all of the documents to the SSA in time before the hearing. Your attorney can ask the ALJ to subpoena evidence needed for the hearing if it has not been received in time.

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