What you need to know about Social Security Disability Hearings

Understanding the process of how a disability hearing and decision are arrived at can reduce the level of stress and unneeded worry an individual undergoes as the process is completed by a large amount. One of the first things to understand is that the decision will not be arrived at simply and in a short period of time, instead the social security benefits decision will not be arrived at for an average of around 15.5 months.

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After a hearing takes place the decision may not still be heard for a number of months, unless the presiding judge issues a bench decision at the hearing. However, this is rare and the majority of decisions will not be issued for a further two to three months after the hearing.

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The hearing an individual must attend should be organized through the lawyer of the individual, which means that the lawyer and Social Security Administration will make sure all parties are available for the hearing before the date is set in stone.

Once the hearing has taken place and a positive decision has been received it may take a further two months for payments to begin being received. The entire process is long and drawn out, with five to six months often being taken for all back pay to be issues to the individual.

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