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Many People Are Denied Social Security Disability Benefits at First

What Happens After Hearing for Social Security Benefits

Your official decision from Social Security will arrive by mail, ideally on the same day your attorney receives a duplicate letter. Occasionally, your lawyer will not receive a copy, either due to postal delivery, or a decision was not sent to your attorney. Your attorney must have a copy of the decision in order to advise you.

Roanoke Disability Attorneys

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If You Are Denied Benefits

Many deserving people are initially denied disability benefits. Once both you and your attorney have a copy, you can discuss the next step, which is an appeal. Appeals must be filed within in 60 days of the decision to keep your right to an appeal.

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Paying Your Attorney

Typically, legal fees are 25 percent of back benefits, up to a maximum 6,000 dollars. The maximum amounts of attorney fees are established by the Social Security Administration. If you win your appeal, the attorney fee is usually sent directly to the attorney from Social Security. Most attorneys require an agreement to pay fees this way. Without this agreement, your attorney will have to be paid directly by you from your personal funds. Most clients agree to have their attorneys paid from the Social Security funds.

You may still be able to receive benefits even if you are denied at first. Contact you attorney to decide on your next step.

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