After the Judge’s Decision

When a judge makes a final ruling on a case, the court order is supposed to be sent to all involved parties, including attorneys.

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However, you should contact your attorney’s office when you receive a final order as the attorney may not have yet received it. Without the order, your attorney will not be able to get started assisting you with dealing with the results of the order.

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Losing Decision

Though no attorney wants it to happen, there are times that cases are lost. However, this does not mean that there is no hope for a positive resolution. If you receive a court order denying your suit or claim, contact your attorney so that he or she can begin an appeal or pursue other available legal remedies.

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Paying Fees

In the case of many legal claims, fees are paid directly to your attorney as part of the court order. For example, the Social Security Administration generally pays attorneys directly. However, not all orders allow for direct payment and you may still owe your attorney for expenses or other costs of his or her services as a result of an agreement or the court’s order.

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