Information About the Social Security Disability Claims Process

What is the length of time required for a decision to be made regarding SSD benefits?

The average amount of time between the date of hearing request and date of decision is 15.5 months. the decision time may be shorter or longer depending on the case load of the court. The decision is not issued until 2-3 months after the hearing occurs. The judge may decide to issue a decision at the bench in some cases.

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How long does it take for the benefits to be paid following the decision?

Benefits will be paid at least 1 month following the decision. It will also take 5-6 months for back benefits to be paid to you. A lawyer has no opportunity to make the process go by more quickly.

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How will I know when my disability hearing will be held?

The disability benefits attorney will be the first to notify his or her client about the hearing date. The court will notify the attorney once the hearing date has been set by the court. The client will be notified of the hearing date by the attorney. The court will also send a notice of hearing once the hearing is to be held.

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Those whom need their benefits should not hesitate to contact a disability benefits attorney right away. Only an attorney can ensure that their client obtains a hearing and thus their benefits. Remember that the sooner the process begins, the quicker the client will be able to obtain their benefits.

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