Hurdling the SSD Review Process

Applying for Social Security Disability is a difficult process that cannot be conquered without the aid of a qualified attorney. There are many technical terms and specific requirements that must be met in order to be able to attain this help. The average individual simply does not possess the knowledge or experience in dealing with these mandates.

Roanke Disability Lawyer

For instance, at the outset of the application process there is sequence of evaluative steps that must be hurdled. These steps entail such things as the evaluation of the impairment that is claimed to prevent the individual from attaining gainful employment. Is it severe enough to keep the individual from performing that work which they have performed in the past, and is it included in the official list of impairments as identified by the agency?

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Another factor where an attorney will have the expertise and knowledge to guide the individual through the process is whether or not there are other mitigating circumstances that will prevent the person from working in past professions.A full consideration of educative attainment as well as age will be factors that can make or break the award of SSD.

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Trying to navigate the application and reviews alone is a surety of denial. The agency has many loopholes that allow for their refusal to award SSD. An attorney will know these loopholes and be able to substantiate the need of their client in order to help raise their chances of passing the reviews.

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