Getting an extension from the Social Security administration

If you miss a deadline for appealing the denial of your disability claim, then you might want to ask the Social Security Administration (SSA) to extend the deadline. This will require you proving that there was a good cause for your missing the deadline.

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In order to show good cause you will have to provide a detailed letter that will explain why you want the review that would determine that the decision was wrong. Depending on your circumstances you may have to have an affidavit. If good cause is found by the SSA, then they will give you an extension. An Administrative law judge is the one that will determine good cause in this case.

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In some cases the Appeals Council will review the case. They review it when it is necessary to determine good cause to extend your deadline to file your case in federal court.
There are several reasons why the SSA may accept your extension. This can include linguistic limitations, educational limitations, and physical or mental limitations. The Social Security Administration will assess these limitations in order to decide if they were a contributing factor in your lateness. If you have been late in submitting your claim, then you should submit your case for review.

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