Following the Hearing

Receiving Your Decision

Once you have received your decision, it is imperative that your lawyer have a copy of it. Ideally, both your lawyer and you should receive a copy of the decision on the same day. Unfortunately, due to bureaucratic snafus your attorney may not be sent a copy. This is significant, because your lawyer needs to be aware of the status of your case at all times in order to serve you effectively.

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Delays may prevent quick correction of errors, adequate monitoring of payments and the need, if any, of further appeals. Regardless of the outcome, once you are notified of the outcome contact your attorney immediately.

Important Considerations

If You lose your case, there may be grounds for an appeal. However, time limits apply, which means you must file within a certain time frame, usually 60 days. If you win the case, your attorney may be entitled to 25% of your accrued back benefits up to $6,000.

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The Social Security Administration usually handles these payments for you, although any additional expenses may be your responsibility as based upon prior agreements. Contact your attorney to determine what needs to be done to meet all your financial obligations.

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