Don’t Give Up! SSD Benefits May Still be Available to You

There is still hope if your SSD appeal period has expired.If the 60 day time period for filing your Social Security Disability claim appeal has expired without your appeal being filed, there are circumstances that permit another extension from the Social Security Administration. Certain situations are considered “good cause” by the Social Security Administration and could receive more time to file an appeal.

Roanoke Disability Lawyer
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• You did not understand the importance or the existence of the 60 day period for filing the appeal.
• A language barrier or disability prevented you from knowing or understanding the 60 day period.
• If you lack the mental capacity to file an extension, or you are a minor and cannot file for yourself and nobody was available before the expiration of the appeal period, a guardian or parent may have an extension approved as soon as a guardian or parent becomes available.

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Dealing with a physical or mental condition is difficult and the Social Security Disability benefit process is complicated. SSD attorneys will review your case for free. There are always deadlines to meet and reports from doctors and other experts that must be filed. If this process is past your capabilities, call us today for help and advice.

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