Disability Hearings for Social Security Benefits

All Social Security Disability Hearings are held before an Administrative Law Judge, or ALS. These informal hears are non-adversarial because the Social Securities Administration has no lawyer or party to represent their case, indeed they have no case to represent as the hearings are designed to get benefits to qualified applicants, not to aggressively prove applicants unqualified. The ALJ’s in this situation act as neutral fact finding agents. While some judges have higher and lower approval rates than others, roughly 60% of all claimants meet the requirements set forth in the Social Security Act.

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Your attorney will help you go over and gather all pertinent medical records and opinions prior to the hearing, present testimony witnesses and examine witnesses called by the ALJ. All of this is done to present your case in the best light in order to impress upon the ALJ that you meet the qualifications for Disability payments. Remember that there is a difference between winning an argument and convincing someone. Situations will come up with the better judges who will demand clarification or further explanations from your lawyer. This is to give your lawyer an opportunity to respond satisfactorily.

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While you do not have to appear via video conference, you may, or you can appear live. Keep in mind that because this is an informal hearing, stringent evidence and deadline rules may not apply. A lawyer can help you navigate through the murky and confusing waters of gaining Social Security Benefits.

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