After Your Disability Hearing

After the verdict of an important hearing, ensure that your lawyer receives a copy of the decision. If your hearing office inadvertently failed to send your lawyer a copy, he will be out of the loop concerning your case. For example, the lawyer will not be able to notice that a denial you received can actually be appealed or if the decision contains a fatal error that needs to be corrected. Always call your lawyer as soon as you receive a copy of the decision to ensure that he has received his copy.

Disability Lawyer Roanoke

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Occasionally, truthful and valid cases are lost. When this happens there is no need to despair. Consulting with your lawyer right away will give you the greatest chance of a successful appeal. If you do not appeal to the Appeals Council within 60 days after the judgment, you will lose your right to appeal.

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If the fee agreement with your lawyer states that the attorney fee is to be 25 percent of back benefits (up to a predetermined maximum stated by the Commissioner of Social Security), the Social Security Administration will retain the attorney fee and send the money to your lawyer. Check in with your attorney to see if he requires you to pay out-of-pocket.

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