Disability Hearing: Commonly Asked Questions

The following consist of some of the most commonly asked questions by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Your attorney may also ask the same questions prior to your disability hearing.

Roanoke Social Security Disability Attorney

Many of these questions may not be relevant to your Social Security case. Although, your answers may not have any impact on the Judge’s decision, it is important that your testimony vividly presents your individual limitations.

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What is your name, date of birth, and Social Security number?
How old are you?
At what age did your disability began?
What is your educational background?
Do you speak English fluently? If not, what is your native language?
Are you able to read English? If not, what language are you able to read?
How long have you resided in the United States?
Do you open and read your incoming mail?

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Mental Retardation Cases
While in school, did you attend special education classes?
What were your grades in school?
Are you able to read and understand your local newspaper?
Are you able to read and write messages as instructions?

For Individuals Claiming Illiteracy
Who reads your mail or other documents for you?
How were you able to obtain a driver’s license?
How do you complete job applications?
How were you able to complete your Social Security forms?
Are you able to do basic arithmetic, addition and subtraction?
Do you have any job skills? If yes, what are they?
Have you ever been in the military? If yes, when?

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