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Your Disability Claim: Advantages to Keeping Your Income Below Trial Work Period Amount

If you are receiving disability benefits, A SSDI lawyer advises you may want to keep your income below a certain amount in order to continue receiving benefits.

Roanoke Disability Lawyer
Trial Work Period Rules
According to the rules, you are allowed to work for nine months during a 60 month period and earn any amount, and still receive full monthly disability benefits. This means that you can work for eight months to see how it goes. If you cannot continue, you will not forfeit your benefits. You will continue to receive benefits as long as your medical condition does not improve. Once you have used up all nine months, then your benefits will be automatically stopped.

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Working Part Time
If you are working part time, you should know that the trial work period still applies, regardless of the hours you work. If you work nine months in a year earning $780 or more (in 2015, the amount increases slightly each year) then you lose your benefits. If your claim is still pending, you are advised to not work part time.

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Getting Your Benefits Reinstated
If you have exceeded the trial work period amount, it is difficult to get benefits again, even if your condition returns or gets worse. There is an exception: if you stop working within three years after you have used up your trial work period. If you are unable to work within that three year period, you may be able to get your benefits reinstated.

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