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Disability Attorney in Roanoke

Disability: What are My Chances?

Are you 50 or older? Are you unable to work full time or do any of the jobs you’ve done in the past fifteen years? Then perhaps it’s time to sign up for disability. The process for receiving disability benefits is a long a trying one, but is necessary for some. While younger people can apply, and do sometimes win, it is more common for older people to have the best luck.

Disability Attorney  in Roanoke
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When you first sign up, it is recommended that you hire a representative to help you with your case, such as an attorney or a paralegal. They will get your medical records, do appeals, speak with social security regarding your case, and prepare you for your hearing. Representatives charge 25% (up to $6,000) of your backpay if you win, and they can charge for out of pocket expenses for things such as copies and travel.

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When applying, it is important to remember to not give up. Denying is the name of the game for social security, because they want you to give up. A person’s best chance at winning is to go before an administrative law judge, which can sometimes take close to two years. If you are denied at your hearing, your representative can appeal your case to the Appeal’s Council, where you can be denied to remanded back to a hearing. If you receive a denial from the Appeal’s Council, your case can then be sent to Federal Court by an attorney.

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