Creating a Foundation for Successful Deposition in Your Lawsuit Regarding Employment

Testimony in Your Employment Lawsuit

Ensure the confidentiality of your case

As you plan for your testimony, two potential pitfalls of litigation can be evaded. The principal pitfall concerns the waiver of the lawyer client benefit. The lawyer client benefit for the most part secures all correspondences in the middle of you and your employment lawyer from disclosure by your employers attorney. That benefit may be lost, on the other hand, in the event that you educate anybody regarding the substance of those discussions. In a like manner, you should not show any records in the case to others.

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The second pitfall includes the outcomes that can happen in the event that you discuss your case with anybody other than your attorney. Case in point, at your testimony, you will need to recognize every individual you’ve addressed about the case and the whole substance of those discussions. This won’t just unnecessarily draw out your deposition, additionally furnish your boss with extra people to interview/dismiss with an end goal to develop facts or slanderous data about you that can debilitate your case. In addition, when these people are talked with and/or removed, they may recall their discussions with you differently in contrast to you, which will leave an opening for your business to argue that you are making up things.

Appropriately, secure the privacy of your case by keeping all discussions, records and other matters identified with the case between you and your attorney.

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